Free tickets: not enough, I want my free stuff!

Last Sunday, my friend and I, free tickets in hand, headed for The Vitality Show in Earl’s Court, London. Naturally, I was enthused by the prospect of little orange bottles of all-in-one conditioning shampoo, samples of moisturising lavender-scented massage lotion, and a key-ring perhaps, in the shape of an apple or something equally vital. What we collected from the ‘Goodie Bag Collection Point’ – after inadvertently pushing to the front of a long queue of goodie-hungry women (and then staying there) – was a bag lightly weighted with weight-watching type snacks that don’t quite have the same weight-watching effect if you eat them all at once. Then there was an entire tree of pamphlets, telling us what we’d get free if we spent four pounds here or booked a facial there. The remainder of our Vitality Show experience was spent at stalls, showing just enough interest to warrant pinching a few cubes from a bowl of chopped up health bars and a couple of shot-glasses full of pomegranate juice. Did the free-ness breed our greediness? The free tickets weren’t enough, we wanted far more free and pointless stuff!

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